What To Do After a Personal Injury?

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Being in an accident where you are injured can be a traumatic and hectic event. With a flurry of activity suddenly happening. You may also start to wonder what to do after a personal injury event.

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What To Do After a Personal Injury? 

Most people will do some of the following things right out of common sense. Steps like contacting emergency services. Contacting emergency services is generally required for any car accident. However, there can be situations where you might not feel it is needed. Each of these steps will help protect you and your potential claim for damages. 

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Call 911 

This is important for any auto accident. You’ll want to call 911 immediately so that you can get police and emergency services on their way to the scene. While they’re en route, you can assess yourself and your passengers for injuries. If possible, begin collecting and preserving evidence. Once police are on the scene, they will begin creating their official report. Which will include their own opinion of the fault or liability for the accident. 

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Get Medical Attention 

One of the most critical elements of any personal injury claim. Is that a doctor or other healthcare professional must document your injuries? This means getting to an emergency room or immediate care facility. 

This is incredibly important to do, even if you don’t feel hurt or have visible injuries. Your adrenaline will block any sensation of pain. This can make you think you’re not hurt, while a day or two after the accident, you may have serious pain or symptoms. See a doctor and have everything recorded in your medical records. 

take evidence

Preserve Evidence

While you’re waiting for police or medical transport. If your injuries allow, begin to collect and preserve any evidence at the scene. The first thing you should do is to find out who is responsible and get their information. You must not discuss the accident or anything other than getting their information. 

If the responsible party tries to discuss the accident with you or begins apologizing. Try to get a recording of them saying “sorry” or giving you an excuse as to why the accident happened. This can be something as simple as them saying, “sorry, I was in a hurry,”. Getting a record of it can make a world of difference to your claim.  

Be sure you take plenty of pictures of the accident. Everything from the weather to the vehicle positions, skid marks, and surrounding businesses. Keep in mind to document anything else you can think of. If the accident occurred in a store or other business. Get a photo or video of the hazard or dangerous situation that caused the accident. 

If possible, before you leave the scene with medical transport or go to the hospital. Get a copy of the official police report for the incident. If you were involved in a property liability accident, like a slip and fall. Be sure you speak with a member of management and have an incident report created. You may be able to get a copy of the report at the time. It is possible that you may not as well. Typically, this is depending on the business, but it’s important to have it created and documented. 

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Find A Competent Attorney 

It is important to make sure you have legal representation. A representation that can handle all of the communication needed with the insurers. It’s safe to assume that nobody but your attorney will be acting in your best interest. Once you have an attorney representing you. Do not speak to any insurance adjusters or business representatives. Simply make sure to direct them to your lawyer. 

Personal Injury: Let Devkota Fight for Your Compensation

After an accident where you suffer injury due to someone else’s recklessness. It is crucial that you work with a qualified local personal injury attorney. This will help build a strong case for compensation. If you or someone close to you has recently been injured. Reach out today and discuss the details privately with a member of the Devkota legal team. We have decades of experience filing successful personal injury lawsuits. We are ready to fight for you. 

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