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Selecting a personal injury attorney will be one of the biggest decisions that you will make. It is important that when selecting an attorney you do not rely upon expensive advertisements on television and billboards.  Some State Bar Associations mandate that lawyers must clearly post on their advertisements, “The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.”  What factors must one consider when hiring a law firm?

  1. Jury Trial Experience – a law firm with jury trial experience is most important. All personal injury negotiations with the insurance company result in a final offer. If that final offer is beneath the value of your injury, your attorney must file a lawsuit and fight for your rights. Insurance companies know which attorneys will follow through with a threat of a lawsuit and which ones are just bluffing.   If the insurance company knows you have an attorney with jury trial experience they will think twice before submitting a low offer.  The insurance company knows an attorney with jury trial experience is more likely to win a case with a greater result.  The Devkota Law Firm has been litigating cases since 1999 and is committed to a strong jury trial practice.  When an insurance company knows the Devkota Law Firm is representing you, they know that they must submit a fair offer or face Tarak Alexander Devkota and his team in court.  Zealous advocacy and a passion for the courtroom are the necessary ingredients we possess. When the insurance companies say no, you must fight and get the result that you deserve.
  2. Customer Service –Communication in a personal injury case can make the difference between an amazing recovery or a poor recovery. Tarak Alexander Devkota and his team want to know everything about you and how your personal injury is affecting your life.  Customer Service in a personal injury case is also essential in informing the client about their case.  Tarak Alexander Devkota and the entire Devkota Law Firm believe that communication with our clients is as important as winning the case.  Providing our clients with case status updates throughout the case is one of our greatest values.  Tarak Alexander Devkota and The Devkota Law Firm have a dedicated customer service team just for you.  When you have questions, we have the answers. 

A personal injury can encompass a wide variety of cases and Devkota Law Firm is well equipped to handle every type of claim. From vehicular accidents to slip and fall injuries to dog attacks, our lawyers can handle them all. We will fight for your right to receive the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled especially when it comes to motorcycle accidents. Tarak Alexander Devkota, Esq. loves to ride and cares for his fellow riders.  The Devkota Law Firm, the biker’s choice.

We will take on the insurance companies as well as the negligent party. We are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. Devkota Law Firm will pull out all the stops to make sure that our bikers receive the money they deserve.


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Understanding Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Law
Know Your Rights So You Can Hire The Best Kansas City Motorcycle Accident Lawyers For Your Case

Searching for the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Kansas City or “motorcycle lawyers near me”?

Complicated liability and injury arguments made by unfair insurance claims adjusters make getting a decent settlement difficult if your select the wrong Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer.

Then what should you do before hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer? Ask the following….

Does your motorcycle lawyer take cases to trial or does your motorcycle lawyer just settle with the insurance company?

Motorcyclists are a special breed who need an attorney who understands. Attorney Tarak Alexander Devkota knows our special needs because he rides both race bikes and cruisers.  Every motorcyclist also knows a dog with no teeth has very little threat of a bite! If your attorney does not file lawsuits nor have jury trial experience with a proven track record of victories, then all the demands and letters sent on your behalf will fall on deaf ears. The only time the insurance company pays an appropriate settlement is when they know the attorney demanding payment will actually file a lawsuit and follow through with the threat of a jury trial to a final verdict. The Devkota Law Firm has been litigating cases for more than 21 years and has a 99.6% winning record in settlements and trials.  Millions of dollars have been collected for our clients from our proven process.

motorcycle accident lawyer kansas cityIf you select motorcycle accident lawyers in Kansas City that do not file lawsuits consistently and aggressively litigate cases when an insurance company offers an unfair or unreasonable settlement offer you will be leaving money on the table.  Don’t hire a motorcycle accident law firm who simply settles cases! Ask your potential lawyer in an interview, “When was the last time you filed a lawsuit? When was the last time you handled a jury trial and what was the result of that trial? If you hire a motorcycle accident law firm in Kansas City who has big advertisements on television and billboards most likely they are a high-volume law firm that is processing cases with many settlements. Ask your potential lawyer how many cases do you fight in court and how many do you settle ? If the majority of their cases result in settlement through simple demand letters then the insurance company realizes they can offer less to settle the case. If the lawyer you are choosing has a serious jury trial practice then insurance carriers review that track record and offer a fair settlement.  The Devkota Law Firm has a deep passion for the jury trial process. The Insurance companies know this fact about Tarak Alexander Devkota and the Devkota Law Firm.   Let us fight for you if you have suffered an injury on your motorcycle. Review the quick review list of things you should also consider when selecting a local motorcycle accident lawyer in the table below.

What should I look for in a personal injury lawyer after my motorcycle injury accident?

The Devkota Law Firm has all of the necessary requirements for a great client experience and great result in your case!
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