Hit and Run Accident in Kansas City

Hit and Run Accident

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Getting involved in an accident can be tough regardless of what city it happened in. What is even tougher is dealing with a hit and run driver. Leaving the scene of an accident in Missouri and Kansas is illegal for all parties involved. Leaving the scene of a crime before authorities arrive can result in jail time.  

If one of the parties involved in the accident is injured on the scene. It is best to remain at the scene of the accident and contact help by, reporting the injury to the police. This will help cover yourself and other parties. It is important to remember that even if there are no injuries. It is still required that you stay at the scene of the accident. 

What to do after a Hit and Run Accident 

Below will be a numbered list of steps to take after a Hit and Run Accident. By following along with the list below. You can help ensure that you are taking the correct precautions, as necessary. 

  1.  Remain at the scene of the accident and call 911 or medical emergency help if needed.
  2. Takes notes on the accident and finds any witnesses of what happened. Have the witness help you identify all details needed for the police report
  3. Have eyewitnesses give you their contact information. Grabbing their name and number will help you overall throughout your case
  4. Take pictures of the whole scene. Including vehicle damage and injuries. Having photo proof of what happened is key
  5. Report the accident to your insurance company
  6. When filling out your police report be sure to tell the officers everything that took place. Even the smallest of details. It is also important to remember to share photo evidence. Doing so can help your case flow smoother with the more evidence you have
  7. Get medical treatment if necessary

Why Drivers may flee the Scene 

As stated above driving off or fleeing the scene of an accident in Missouri and Kansas are illegal. Below is a list of reasons a driver may flee the scene. It is important to be aware of these reasons 

  • No insurance – No insurance is one of the most common reasons why a driver may flee the scene. Getting into an accident with no insurance can be scary for many reasons. This is because failure to provide proof of insurance can result in many other problems 
  • Drunk Driving – Another common cause of fleeing the scene of an accident. This can be to avoid jail time 
  • Immigration status – This is yet another reason a driver might flee the scene. This can be especially scary to people without proper US (United States) Documentation. 
  • No License  
  • Fear  

Contact a Kansas City Accident Attorney 

If you have vehicle damage and or personal injuries from a hit and run accident. Contact the Devkota Law Firm today. We have over 22 years of experience with Auto accidents and Personal Injury cases. We are open twenty-four hours a day and our attorneys are ready to fight for you every second. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call today at (816) 312-5253 and schedule your free consultation. We can also be reached online at www.devkotalawfirm.com. 

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