Slip and Fall Tips

Slip and Fall Tips

Slip and Fall Tips It is that time of year again in Kansas City! With extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures, roads and sidewalks are slick and can pose a hazard. Today we will be looking at 2 different ways slip and fall accidents can happen and how we can prevent them. 

Most Common Thanksgiving Accidents

Thanksgiving is one of the most highly anticipated holidays of the year. It is a day devoted to eating delightful food, being grateful, and being home with friends and family. Unfortunately for many people each year, what starts as a fun holiday turns out horrible and tragic. Thousands of individuals are hurt, and hundreds lose […]

Kansas City Construction Case Accidents

Kansas City Construction Case Accidents  

On-the-job injuries are common all around the world and construction accidents in Kansas City are even more frequent. It is important to know safety in the workplace, not only how to stay safe and free from injuries but how to prevent accidents from happening to others as well. 

What you need to know about Bus Accidents

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Every day we come across auto accidents while driving. However, it’s not every day that you see a bus involved in automobile accidents like these. Despite bus accidents not being as common as a regular auto accident. Bus accidents are still very prevalent within Kansas City and many other cities. Whether that be a School Bus, Grey Hound, or Metro/City Bus.  Bus accidents, just like any vehicular accident, revolve around collisions taking place between two or more automobiles. Everyday school buses carry millions of children to […]

Injuries Associated with Bicycle Accidents in Kansas City

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Outside Magazine estimated 675 cyclists were killed in accidents during 2020 and that is with COVID-19 cutting traffic by as much as 41 percent for months at a time, according to Bloomberg. The previous year’s bicycle fatalities totaled 846. More than one-fourth of bicycle fatalities were caused by hit-and-run accidents in 2020. If you are injured while riding your bicycle there are […]

Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Kansas City

Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Kansas City

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. But it can be very dangerous.  When a motorcycle accident occurs, there is a high likelihood of severe injuries because motorcycles do not have the safety features present in cars like seat belts and airbags. 

Why You Should Always Have a Medical Evaluation After a Car Accident?

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You have just been in a car accident in Kansas City!! You are confounded, bewildered, or even fearful of legal consequences and you do not think anything is wrong with your body. In stressful situations, these responses can make you feel strong and unharmed temporarily, but this means you may not be fully capable of realizing your actual physical condition. You may even be thinking of […]

Common Injuries from Car Crashes in Kansas City

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There are many types of injuries caused by auto accidents, some may be invisible to the eye, and others may be a serious medical problem. If you are injured in a car accident in Kansas City, it is important to see a doctor after the wreck to rule out internal injuries that you cannot see with the naked eye.