Top Things Everybody Must Do If They Don’t Want To Ruin Their Case

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1. Get medical treatment right away. 

  • Without medical records your injury is not considered real.
  • Insurance companies consider the value of your case based on the amount of medical bills you have.
  • Do not worry about medical bills they will be paid back by the insurance company at the end of the case. You will never be left with medical bills. 
  • You will recover 3 to 5 times more money if you receive full medical treatment. 
  • The Devkota law firm has a tremendous network of doctors who will treat the clients of the Devkota law firm without insurance, without Social Security number and without status.

2. Aggravating factors  

These are items that make the case worth a lot more money. A lot more money than just an injury. If this happened to you, you must tell your medical doctor when you go to your first appointment.

  • Loss of consortium – did you stop helping around the house and providing your household responsibilities including to your children and wife? This means everything. Marital sexual relations, household duties and childcare are some of a few things that spouses do for each other. If you are incapable of doing these items while you are injured, you must mention that to your doctor. 
  • Lost wages- if you are losing income because you cannot work you must tell the doctor that you cannot work and have the doctor mentioned that in your records and give you a doctor’s excuse. If you do not have a doctor’s excuse to stop working, then the insurance company will not pay you for lost wages. You must also provide proof that you were working on a letter from your employer saying how much you make and how long you missed. Provide this to your lawyer.
  • Aggravating Factors
    1. Hit and run
    2. Drug and alcohol intoxication
    3. Inattentive driving or cell phone usage.
    4. Attack or assault by at fault driver against you after the accident.

These aggravating factors cause emotional distress, and they must be mentioned to your doctor at your initial doctor’s appointment. You must tell them what happened after the accident and how it made you have posttraumatic stress or emotional distress or anxiety. Obviously if somebody is drunk or attacking you after an accident can cause you physical and emotional harm. It is essential that this is mentioned to the doctor in your first appointment. 

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