Why Taking Selfies on the Railroads Tracks Could Kill You

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You’re looking for the ideal picture. Don’t get me wrong. I understand. But whether it’s a funny snap or a photo with your besties, taking selfies on the railroads or train tracks is illegal and can be fatal.

Multiple accidents on the railroad tracks have occurred while taking photographs.

With a large number of professional photographers and teenagers desiring pictures on railroad tracks just to be trendy and generate content, organizations such as Operation Lifesaver and Union Pacific have sought to reinforce precautionary measures to avoid accidents on railroad tracks.

Before taking a picture, think about the danger.

Each year thousands of people are injured or killed by trespassing on railroad property in the United States, Operation Lifesaver shares the main things to consider before making the decision to take a picture on the tracks.

– Trains are faster and quieter than you think, and they overhang the tracks by at least three feet, which is overlooked by photographers and contributes to accidental death.
– The railroad tracks, bridges, trestles, and yards are private property of the U.S. government. If you are stopped by a railroad official trespassing on such land you could face criminal prosecution, not to mention the injuries or deaths that result from this action.
– You must only use the designated public crossing with a pole, flashing red lights or gate. If you cross anywhere else, you are trespassing and can be fined.
– You may be held liable for damages, injury, or worse. The consequences could increase if you do not have an accident attorney when you are caught doing this activity.
– A train can take more than a mile, or 18 football fields, to come to a complete stop – trains can’t stop quickly and they can’t swerve!
– Sharing photos taken on or near the tracks can promote illegal and dangerous behavior. Don’t encourage accidents on railroad tracks.

Taking photos on train tracks is illegal.

In addition to the number of potential train track accidents that can be caused; you may be subject to punishment for trespassing and face federal charges.

Consider the danger and consequences you are subjecting yourself to by just getting more followers. You may end up needing a train accident attorney instead of getting the perfect pic, do not risk it!

Continuing this trend only promotes criminal behavior.

By uploading pictures on train tracks you promote others to commit this illegal act and it will then continue to occur, thus endangering more people and sending a bad message.

Operation Lifesaver urges professional photographers to refrain from taking photos of high school seniors, weddings and other subjects on railroad tracks or trestles.

If you continue to think it’s a good idea to take pictures on train tracks, here are some extra reasons to consider:

– Trains can’t stop quickly to avoid people or vehicles on the tracks.
– An optical illusion makes it difficult to determine the distance between a train and its speed.
– The average train sticks out at least three feet from the track, plus any loose items may extend further.
– Trains are not timetabled, so do not assume that any track is abandoned or inactive.
One train could go after another and you wouldn’t know which direction it’s coming from.

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