Injuries Associated with Bicycle Accidents in Kansas City

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Outside Magazine estimated 675 cyclists were killed in accidents during 2020 and that is with COVID-19 cutting traffic by as much as 41 percent for months at a time, according to Bloomberg. The previous year’s bicycle fatalities totaled 846. More than one-fourth of bicycle fatalities were caused by hit-and-run accidents in 2020. If you are injured while riding your bicycle there are laws that protect you. 

Under both Missouri and Kansas Law, bicyclists have the same rules, rights, and responsibilities as other drivers. The rules are designed for your own safety and the safety of others. If you ignore these laws when you bike, you may be subject to penalties or reduced compensation, even if another party causes your injuries. 

Kansas law requires that vehicles pass bicycles to the left thereof at not less than three feet and shall not drive to the right side of the roadway again until safely clear of the overtaken bicycle. See KSA 8-1516. Missouri requires a safe distance. 

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Bicycle Accident Injuries 

 An accident that involves a vehicle or other object forcing a bicycle to the ground will most probably cause some injuries. Blunt force trauma to certain areas of the body can result in fatal injuries. The most common injuries from bicycle accidents include: 

                  • Eye trauma.
                  • Facial injuries.
                  • Dental fractures.
                  • Intracranial hemorrhage.
                  • Concussion.
                  • Road rash.
                  • Soft tissue injuries.
                  • Spine Injuries.
                  • Fractured bones.
                  • Skull fracture.
                  • Neurological damage.
                  • Dislocated joints.
                  • Muscular strains.
                  • Ruptured discs.
                  • Wrongful death.


Unfortunately, some of these serious injuries involving bicyclists and deaths occur in the Kansas City region every year. 


Bicycle Accident Compensation 

 Many drivers think that a collision with a bicycle is not considered a serious accident and they can get away with it. A cyclist injured in an accident may require many medical procedures and treatments to recover fully. 

An experienced bicycle attorney in Kansas City can help victims receive settlement and compensation for: 

                  • Past and future medical expenses 
                  • Pain and suffering damages. 
                  • Costs of bicycle repair or replacement. 
                  • Compensation for lost wages. 


The Devkota Law Firm specialized bicycle attorneys understand how bike accident claims work and are always ready to fight. 

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