How to Avoid Side Collisions “T Bone” Accidents in Kansas City?

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Side impact collisions otherwise known as T-Bone accidents can be extremely dangerous and result in fatal or permanent injuries. Broadside collision is a car accident that occurs when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side, forming the shape of a “T” with the cars. Typically, T-Bone accidents are either on the drivers’ side or the passenger. 

Why do they happen? 

Side collisions or “T-Bone” accidents can happen due to many reasons. A primary reason they tend to happen is a direct result of not paying attention and disobeying street laws. It is quite common for a “T-Bone” accident to happen at an intersection as well. This is because it is very easy for someone to be distracted and miss a stop sign or make a bad judgment call on a light. Accidents like these can also take place in parking lots. It can occur when a driver is not paying attention while backing out. 

How to Avoid Side Collisions “T Bone” Accidents in Kansas City: Who is at fault? 

For example, Driver A disregards a stop sign or red light and drives through the intersection and hits another vehicle that has the green light, or no stop sign then driver A is at fault. 

Associated Injuries 

Unfortunately, these types of accidents can be serious depending on the speed of each driver. Some of the most common injuries seen after these crashes include: 

  • Concussion 
  • Paralysis 
  • Broken Bones 
  • Spinal Injury 
  • Death 
  • Brain Injuries 
  • Fractures 
  • Abdominal Injuries 
  • Internal Injuries  
How to avoid side collisions “T Bone” accidents in Kansas City?
T-bone Car accident call Devkota LawFirm

How to Prevent T-Bone Accidents? 

  1. Obey traffic lights and all stop signs. Even if you think you can beat a yellow light. 
  2.  Come to a complete stop. No rolling stops! 
  3.  Use extra caution when stopping at an intersection. 
  4.  Pull out carefully in low visibility situations. If you cannot see, do not just go. Ease up until you can see oncoming traffic.

What to do if involved in a “T-Bone” Accident? 

  1.  Determine if anyone involved is hurt and call 911 immediately. 
  2.  Check out the scene, take pictures, and collect witnesses’ information if available. You also want to exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident.  
  3.  Seek medical attention immediately.
  4.  Call an experienced personal injury attorney today. 

How to Avoid Side Collisions “T Bone” Accidents in Kansas City?

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