7 Critical Steps to Take After an Accident Caused by a Negligent Driver

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Accidents caused by negligent drivers are quite common in Kansas City, in just an instant anyone could be involved in a vehicle accident and suffer serious injuries. It is normal after the accident for victims to be confused and need guidance on what to do next. 

Here is a list of critical steps to follow so you know how to act. 


Call 911 

Notify Kansas City authorities of your accident immediately. The 911 operator will notify the police and ambulance. Provide as much information as possible so emergency vehicles can be prepared. 

911 calls are recorded and serve as proof of what happened. The police investigation of the accident scene will help document the case and provide evidence of the accident and who is at fault. 

If you speak Spanish and cannot communicate with any member of the police, immediately call a friend or a family member to make a three-way call and translate. 




Assess the damage 

Assess your physical condition and the well-being of your passengers, what injuries you sustained and whether immediate medical attention is necessary, mental, and emotional injuries are to be considered as well. Analyze the condition of your vehicle and make sure you take pictures of the damage caused.  

If you have suffered injuries of any kind, it is important that you go to the emergency room for a complete medical evaluation. This is not the time to try to save money. Many people refuse to go to the emergency room because they are worried about the expense. Trust us!! It is very important that you report your injuries immediately after the accident. 




Gather information about the accident 

Collect as much information as possible: license plate number of the vehicle, model, make, color of the car, driver’s license photo, as well as names, phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses present. Any information you can gather is useful for your case. 

Take the necessary photos, both of the damage to your vehicle, damage objects due to the accident and the physical injuries suffered, look for security cameras in the area, images and videos of the accident help verify the damage caused, and how the accident occurred. 

Make sure you have evidence of how the accident happened. Try to include a familiar landmark in your photographs, include at least 3 different angles and distances for your pictures, take pictures of roadside debris, skid marks, or any other signs of the crash. Make sure your images reflect the weather conditions, as often the weather is blamed for the wreck. take pictures of the traffic signs, etc. The other person involved may want to change the information to avoid blame. 

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police report

File a police report 

It is very important to file a police report. You must give your version of events to the police. If you do not report the facts, you will receive a poor result on your claim. If you had passengers in the car, make sure they also tell their version of events.  

Ask the police for a copy of the accident report and check it for accuracy. Police reports are available one to two days after the accident but can take longer.  

If you do not speak English and cannot communicate with any member of the police, immediately call a bilingual friend or a reliable person to make a three-way call or ask for a translator. 



Seek medical attention 

 Most people injured in an accident do not follow up with a doctor. Consult and visit a physician, physical therapist and/or chiropractor as recommended. In Kansas City you can find several doctors and clinics that specialize in these types of treatments.  

Failure to obtain the necessary treatment from medical specialists will affect your claim. Insurance companies will try to conclude that you were not hurt and not injured because you did not seek the necessary medical help as soon as possible. The value of your claim will depend on whether you follow the doctor’s orders or not. 

If your injuries are serious, let 911 know immediately so that they can call an ambulance; remember that there are injuries that are not visible and could affect you days after the accident. Always prioritize your health! 


Do not talk to the other party’s insurance company. 

After filing your police report and seeking medical attention, do not talk to anyone until you have a chance to speak with your personal injury attorney. Adjusters record phone calls and ask questions that may affect your case. They will try to capture the wrong version of events to reduce the value of the damages they must pay. Remember insurance adjusters are trained professionals, and they are willing to obtain damaging statements to minimize your injuries and affect your accident settlement. They work for the insurance company, not for your benefit! 



Contact a personal injury attorney 

Let your personal injury attorney speak for you! Contact the Devkota Law Firm immediately and report your accident at 816-312-5253. We are open 24-hours a day for a free consultation. We can assess the value of your claim, give you the legal advice you need to win your case and receive the compensation you truly deserve. 


Keep in mind that there are no costs or charges unless we win. With multiple locations to better serve you, we are protecting you when it matters most! 

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