8 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident in Kansas City!

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In Kansas City most people don’t know how to react to a situation like this, maybe because they never imagined themselves in that circumstance, or because of the nerves of the accident. At Devkota Law Firm we know that having a car accident is a difficult situation that can cause you a lot of stress, that is why we have provided this:




move to a safe place in case car accident Find a safe place:

Do not leave the scene of the accident but go to a safe place until the police and ambulance arrive. Most secondary accidents occur with disabled cars in the middle of the road. If your vehicle is inoperable, activate your emergency lights and exit from your vehicle safely. 


call for help Call 911:

Notify Kansas City authorities of your accident immediately. The 911 operator will notify the police and ambulance. Provide as much information as possible so emergency vehicles can be prepared.  

911 calls are recorded and serve as proof of what happened. If you speak Spanish, immediately call a friend or family member to make a three-way call or to translate. 


check for damage Assess the damage immediately:

If you have sustained injuries of any kind, it is important to be transferred to the emergency room for a full medical evaluation. This is not the time to try to save money. Many people refuse to go to the emergency room for fear of the expense. Trust the experts at Kansas City, it is very important that you report your injuries immediately after the accident. 


call the police File a police report:

It is very important to file a police report. You must give your side of the story to the police. Do not allow the police to assume you are at fault without giving your side of the story.  

If you do not report the facts, you will receive a poor result on your claim. If you had passengers in the car, make sure they also tell their version of events. 


take evidence Secure evidence:

Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Be sure to take photos and videos of all vehicles involved from all angles. In Kansas City you can find video surveillance cameras that you can use to your advantage.

Get the story from the at-fault party, they always tell the truth at the scene. When they get home, they change the story in their favor. Record the truth when it is fresh. Capture the story of everyone present on your phone’s camera right away.

Make sure you get all names, phone numbers and statements from all witnesses in your favor.

Write down the name and phone number of the person who hit you, their insurance photo and driver’s license.


call for devkota law firm Call Devkota Law Offices:

Call us immediately and report your accident to our 24-hour center for a free consultation. We can give you an evaluation of the value of your claim and the legal advice you need to win your case. 


seek for medical help in case an accident Seek non-emergency medical attention:

Most people injured in an accident do not follow up with a doctor. See a doctor, physical therapist and/or chiropractor as needed. In Kansas City you can find several centers that specialize in this type of treatment. 

Failure to obtain the necessary treatment from medical personnel will affect your claim. Insurance companies will try to say that you were not injured if you do not seek the necessary medical help as soon as possible. The value of your claim will depend on whether you follow the doctor’s orders.  


do not talk to insurance company Don’t talk to anyone:

After you make your police report and seek for medical attention, don’t talk to anyone until you have a chance to talk to Devkota Law Firm. People record phone calls and ask questions that may affect your case. They will try to capture the wrong version of events to reduce the value of the damages they must pay. 



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