How often Football Fans Suffer Injuries During Super Bowl Sunday?

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The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) played by the winners of the  American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC)  each February. This year Super Bowl LVI will be played at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 13, 2022, and Kansas City Chiefs fans are hoping for another Super Bowl run. But fans do not let fans drive drunk! 

Data from Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) shows that drinking violations by repeat drunk drivers ordered to stay sober jumps an average of 22 percent nationwide on Super Bowl Sunday, compared to the usual violation rates on a Sunday. 

So let us have fun and stay safe because not all Super Bowl injuries happen on the field. 

Injuries Inside the Stadium  

Although many stadiums are safer now, often intoxicated crowds packed tight into a stadium of 80,000 seats can still cause trouble. Here are some ways to stay safe inside a crowded stadium: 

Slip and Falls 

Watch carefully where you are walking to avoid slipping, tripping, and falling. If you notice a spilled beer, ask a stadium staff member to put up a sign and clean the spill. If you are attending a game in Kansas City during winter, snow and ice are additional hazards to look out for. So, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear are strongly recommended.  

Premises liability and weather conditions 

Common stadium injuries may result due to defective escalators, faulty stairs, or steps. It is the stadium’s duty to provide safe premises for spectators. Injuries that occur from hazards on the property maybe the stadium’s owner liability. 

Speaking of injuries, weather conditions are not something to overlook, either. It is up to the stadium staff to make sure the fans are safe. For example, if someone in the stadium was struck by lightning, those in charge of keeping people inside the stadium safe would be held responsible for what happened because they failed to take the appropriate safety measures.peaking of serious injuries, weather conditions are not something to take lightly, either. It is p to stadium personnel or school officials to make sure those in attendance are safe. For example, a stadium filled with ruckus fans may be asked to leave and seek shelter becse of a severe weather threat such as a thunderstorm. If someone in the stadium was unlucky enough to be struck by lightning, those in charge of keeping people inside the stadium safe would be held liable for what occurred.   

Violence and Assault 

When attending a packed Super Bowl game, I recommend maintaining awareness of your surroundings. Upset fans throw sharp objects that can cause injuries and start a feud between spectators. Security guards are usually nearby to quickly break up fights and take action. 

Food Poisoning  

Buying food from stadium stands, and vendors is part of the fun of a live football game even if it is pricey. Unfortunately, improper handling, preparation or even storage can lead to foodborne illness. The stadium or the restaurant may be liable for food poisoning.

Injuries Outside the Stadium 

Drunk Driving accidents 

According to Los Angeles Times  Your chance of being involved in a crash on Super Bowl Sunday related to drunk driving can be as much as double that of a normal Sunday in February. 

Some simple planning can go a long way in reducing your risk of being involved in a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) accident: 

  • If you are not planning on consuming alcohol, be cautious on the roads. 
  • Uber and Lyft or finding a designated driver is the perfect solution than driving drunk. 

How to Get Legal Help for your Injuries 

If you or someone you love suffered a personal injury at a football stadium or anywhere in Kansas City, you are going to need some honest lawyers that you can trust. At Devkota Law Firm we have experienced attorneys ready to fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 816-312-5253 or contact us online today. 


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