Easter Hazards

Easter Hazards

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On Easter day most people do not think about getting into an accident or getting injured. Yet, accidents happen every year during the holiday season.  

Last year in Kansas City a tragic accident took place on Easter morning leaving a child deceased and three others injured. According to Fox News Out of the three who were injured two were children and one was an adult. While events like this may not happen often. It is still important to know how we can prevent situations like these from occurring. Let us look at potential Easter hazards and how we can avoid them. 

Possible Easter Accidents

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning can be the biggest problem during any holiday where food is being cooked and prepared. Especially if the Chef has no idea what they are doing. You always want to cook food to the proper temperature before consuming it. If not, the food can cause you to become ill. This alone is the very reason it is important to make sure your food is cooked all the way through before consuming it.  

In addition, you also want to make sure you have clean hands when cooking food. Steps like this help ensure that the food is free from bacteria and safe to eat.  

If you plan on consuming Easter eggs with dye on them. Be sure to check out the type of dye you are using. Some dyes contain toxins in them, others are edible and safe to eat. You also should keep an eye out for how long the eggs have been sitting out. If they have been out for a while. It is recommended that you dispose of them. 

Easter Hazards: Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries can happen in the blink of an eye. Especially if you are a child rushing to find Easter eggs. Between potential messes on the kitchen floor and damp grass, a slip and fall could easily take you out of this year’s Easter egg hunt.  

To prevent such accidents from happening if you are the host. Walk around your property beforehand to ensure that there are no safety hazards. This can help you dodge a potential slip and fall case. As well as a premises liability case. It is always important to make sure to maintain a safe environment around children. As the owner of the property, you will be held liable for any damages to your property.  

Automobile Accidents

Accidents during the holidays are not absolute but again, they can still happen. Although it might not be ideal for everyone, people still consume alcoholic beverages on this holiday. Thus, it is incredibly important that you pay attention to drivers on the road. This not only helps you as the driver, but it also helps anyone in your car. As well as others in the vicinity. 

Easter Hazards: Kansas City Attorneys Can Help

If you or anyone you know needs help, Devkota Law Firm has amazing attorneys ready to fight for you. Our firm has 22 years of experience in helping the Kansas City community. As well as the Hispanic Kansas City Community. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call right now at 816-312-5253 or contact us online at Devkota Law Firm. Get your free consultation today. 

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