Injuries Associated with Bicycle Accidents in Kansas City

bicycle accidents kansas cityc

Outside Magazine estimated 675 cyclists were killed in accidents during 2020 and that is with COVID-19 cutting traffic by as much as 41 percent for months at a time, according to Bloomberg. The previous year’s bicycle fatalities totaled 846. More than one-fourth of bicycle fatalities were caused by hit-and-run accidents in 2020. If you are injured while riding your bicycle there are […]

Could electric and hybrid cars be dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists?

if you get into an accident with an electric car, call us!

The trend in the automotive market to buy an electric or hybrid car is constantly increasing. Due to the many attractive features and becoming aware of environmental issues, the market is leaning towards “ecofriendly” alternatives; But could these “silent vehicles” be a threat to pedestrians’ safety?  As more EVs drive on public roads we need to think about whether EVs are a danger to pedestrians […]