Tragedy Strikes: Fatal Car Crash Leaves One Dead and Two Injured

Fatal Car Crash Injured

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Tragedy Strikes: Fatal Car Crash Leaves One Dead and Two Injured

On March 15th, 2023, a fatal car accident occurred on Route C west of Route OO in Lincoln, Missouri. The collision involved two vehicles, a 2014 Volkswagen Passat and a 2012 Toyota Camry, driven by Colin Heisserer and Terrence Allen, respectively. The impact was so severe that one person lost their life, another suffered moderate injuries, and a third person sustained minor injuries.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Report, the accident occurred when the Volkswagen Passat swerved off the right side of the road. In a panic, Colin overcorrected, causing the vehicle to skid back onto the roadway and cross the center line, crashing head-on into Allen’s Toyota Camry. Both cars were completely destroyed and towed away from the scene.

Unfortunately, Terrence L. Allen, the driver of the Toyota Camry, was gravely injured. He was rushed to Mercy Hospital Lincoln by the Lincoln County Ambulance District, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead at 5:04 PM by Dr. D. Neider. 

Cheryl E. Allen, a passenger in the Camry, also suffered moderate injuries and was taken to SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital Lake St. Louis. Colin A. Heisserer, the driver of the Volkswagen Passat, suffered minor injuries and was transported to Mercy Hospital Lincoln by private conveyance. The crash was investigated by Corporal Mayer and Trooper Bochucinski.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of safe driving practices and how dangerous it can be when drivers fail to follow them. It’s crucial for all drivers to remain focused and vigilant while on the road, abide by all traffic laws and regulations, and wear safety devices like seatbelts. These simple precautions can drastically reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of an accident.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Terrence L. Allen during this difficult time. We also hope that the other two individuals involved in the accident have a quick and complete recovery.

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